20 memes that every university student will be able to relate to

University is simultaneously one of the best and worst experiences of your life. One minute you’re out with your friends, joining societies and living your best life. The next you have 11 assignments, 3 group projects and $2.60 to last you the until the end of the month.  

But if there is one thing that can get us through the highs and lows of student life, it’s memes. 

From poor diets to poor grades, we’ve collated some of the most relatable posts that every student can relate to. So if you’re reading this when you should be studying, at least we can provide you with some comedic respite before you fail your assignment.

Ah, the attendance paradox. I normally just meet in the middle and physically attend but mentally check out. Only at university can you go to class, pay no attention whatsoever, but still be proud because at least you went.

And 100% done. Will I finish the new semester or will it finish me? Stay tuned. 

I really don’t take much convincing. But that’s what university is all about, right?

At this rate It’ll be a miracle if I even pass at all. But on the bright side, all my friends will probably end up resisting the year with me.

Pro tip: You can’t go over budget if you never set a budget in the first place.

I can confirm I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. But it’s the trying that counts, right?

Do you ever feel like you’re paying thousands a year to just to end up teaching yourself anyway? If I have to sit through another lecture that consists of my professor reading from a Power Point that I could have accessed from home, I’m going to scream.

And instead of doing that work, you’re reading this. 

There is no better feeling, until you realize you’ve closed the tabs before you’ve completed your referencing.

Of course I’m going to study hard and make something of my life, but if the opportunity arises to marry a millionaire and sit on a beach all day sipping cocktails, I’m taking it. 

I don’t even know why I bother, my professor surely can tell I started this the night before. I leave my assignments until the last minute because diamonds are made under pressure. 

This also works for avoiding assignments, ignoring emails and procrastinating all other responsibilities. 

This is the reason I’m going to fail my degree. But when you do ask a question, you get shouted at for not understanding, you can’t win!

I’d also add attending morning lectures to this list. Basically anything that requires any sort of real effort.

I don’t know about you, but this sums up my entire education so far. Any information that I have managed to retain, leaves my brain the second I press ‘submit assignment’.

Do you ever sit in class and realize that you don’t understand a single thing that is being said? Because same. 

For me I consider it a personal achievement if I get up before midday. Remember to always celebrate the small wins.

If only you got do the whole ‘university experience’ thing without actually needing to do any assignments. They’re really getting in the way of me living my best life.

And then you remember that you need to scrape together a pass, so you can give your future pet the life they deserve. 

I’ve never seen something so accurate in my life. But that’s how everyone studies, right?